• FOX23 Investigates: Tiny Homes for Big Heroes

    By: Clay Loney


    TULSA, Okla. - When many of Tulsa's veterans return, there's no home for them. 

    With a gap in care leaving them homeless and with few places for help, a Tulsa police officer and former Marine hopes to establish a community to change that. 

    Modeled after a veteran's tiny home community in Kansas City, will Tulsa soon have a place for our heroes?

    When I got out of the military, you know I had social support—I had a wife, I had family, I had friends. These guys don’t have that. That’s the reason why a lot of homeless veterans stay homeless or fail, is that they don’t have that social support or anything that we would deem a healthy social support system.” --- Kevin Jamison, Veterans Community Project

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