FOX23 Investigates: Parents accuse Tulsa teacher of hurting students

TULSA, Okla. — More parents are alleging a teacher at Tulsa Public Schools’ Project Accept Academy harmed their child.

FOX23 News reported Wednesday when a parent said she witnessed a teacher at the school holding her son off the ground and up against a wall.

After that story aired, another parent contacted FOX23 News. They said the same teacher assaulted her 6-year-old son in March.

Shaun Cain and Danielle Poole said their son, Shaun Cain II, had his head shoved into a wall by the teacher.

They called police and waited for a charging decision from the district attorney’s office. FOX23 found out the DA’s office declined to file charges in September because there wasn’t enough evidence, but the family wasn’t notified.

Now they feel like it’s their 6-year-old child’s word against an adult’s.

The DA’s office said the family could ask the office to reconsider charges when there is new information, like the latest accusation.

Shaun now goes to another school.

On Wednesday, FOX23 News reported that Resha Frazier said when she got to Project Accept to pick her son up, she could hear him screaming from his classroom.

A staff member took her there and opened the door, and she said she saw the male teacher holding her son up in the air against the wall by his jacket.

He said the teacher also bent his arm behind his back.

Frazier took him to OSU Medical Center, where they learned he has a sprained wrist. The nurses called police. They took a report for assault.

FOX23 News received this statement from Tulsa Public Schools. District officials said is applies to both cases:

<span class="wsc-grammar-problem" data-grammar-phrase="">"</span>We hold our team to the highest of professional standards and expect that all adults in our buildings serve as positive role models for our students. Any time there are reports of inappropriate employee behavior, we complete a thorough internal investigation. Depending on the nature of the allegations, we may also engage with the Tulsa Police Department.<span class="wsc-grammar-problem" data-grammar-phrase="">"</span>

<span class="wsc-grammar-problem" data-grammar-phrase="">"</span>While we are not able to share confidential employee information, any employee found to be engaging in inappropriate behavior with our young people would be subject to immediate disciplinary action up to and including termination.<span class="wsc-grammar-problem" data-grammar-phrase="">"</span>

We will continue to follow this story.

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