• FOX23 gets look inside midtown restaurant devastated by Tulsa tornado

    By: Sara Hart


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Firefighters rescued around a dozen people from a Tulsa TGI Fridays restaurant after a tornado touched down nearby Sunday,
    • FOX23 got a look inside the restaurant Tuesday.
    • Firefighters say it's a miracle no one was killed there.


    FOX23 got an inside look at the TGI Fridays with the Tulsa firefighters who rescued a dozen people there early Sunday morning when a tornado hit the 41st and Yale area.

    Station 25 is located near 42nd and Memorial. Firefighters say they were in the bay where they keep their firetrucks watching the storm pass through when all of the sudden, the large garage doors starting shaking and debris flew through the air.

    A minute later they were dispatched to the midtown Tulsa restaurant for a building collapse.

    They told FOX23 the drive was tough, because debris was all over the roadway.

    The firefighters say that when they arrived at the restaurant, they were so focused that they didn’t really think about how serious the damage was.

    They say they climbed through the side of the TGI Fridays, moving tables, chairs, wood, glass and other debris out of their way to try and make it back to the kitchen.

    Once they got there, they say they met the manager, who told them he had about a dozen people in the freezer. After the tornado hit, the manager reportedly managed to get everyone back there for safety, which helped firefighters find all the victims.

    Firefighters say they were surprised to see so many victims when they got inside the freezer.

    They say they triaged the victims, getting the most seriously injured, like Celia Daniel, out first.


    The fire crew says after seeing the damage of the restaurant in the daylight that it’s a miracle no one was killed.

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