• Teens charged in Bixby assault investigation hold news conference

    By: Ashli Lincoln


    BIXBY, Okla. - Quick Facts: 


    District Attorney Matt Ballard filed charges against four teens on March 1st. 

    Samuel Lakin, WIlliam Thomas, Colton Cable and Joe Wood are charged as youthful offenders. Each of them faces a count of 2nd degree rape by instrumentation. 

    Attorney Clark Brewster released this statement on Friday afternoon ahead of a planned news conference.

    Four boys, ages 16-17, have been charged with rape that could lead to lengthy adult prison sentences. The boys and their families have fully cooperated and have been completely transparent.

    The clear and consistent statements of all persons with knowledge confirm that this was not a sexual assault, but was part of a prankish, roughhousing culture on the football team. The charges ignored this truth.

    The state also disregarded that the accuser had engaged in similar roughhousing conduct that is now alleged as criminal. The accuser was not charged.

    The families and the boys are devastated by this action. They will aggressively defend and respond with the truth.

    FOX23 reached out to agencies involved in the investigation for the response to the news conference. 


    “We stand behind our investigation,” said Jessica Brown Spokesperson with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. 

    The Rogers County District Attorney's office had no comment. However, the DA’s office would simply refer people to the facts of the case contained in documents filed on public record. 


    Prosecutors later filed a response saying that though the defense have applied to disqualify the distirct's attorney's office, they believe the defense city no authority upon which the court may properly do so.


    FOX23 is still waiting to hear from the Tulsa County District Attorney's Office. 

    FOX23 reached out to Bixby Public Schools on Thursday for a comment on the latest developments.

    They said, in part:

    ...we learned as the public did that charges were filed against four Bixby students. Bixby Schools remains committed to student safety and will continue to cooperate with law enforcement.

    FOX23 has been following this investigation, here's a timeline:

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