Sunday’s remains near Turley identified as 76-year-old Jack Grimes

TURLEY, Okla. — Tulsa County Sheriff’s Vic Regaldo confirmed Tuesday that remains found near Turley are those of Jack Grimes. TCSO is investigating this as a homicide.

The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office will held a news conference at 10:30 am Tuesday after identifying the remains found in Turley Sunday.

Sheriff Regalado asked that people keep their theories off social media saying it damages their case and impacts the families involved.

We told you four people disappeared close to the same area where the remains were found in Turley.

Here’s what we know:

Shannon Miller was last seen on Oct. 19th. His car was found abandoned on 106th Street North on the bridge over Bird Creek, which is near North Lewis.

Dwayne Selby and Jack Grimes were supposed to leave for a horse show in Fort Worth Oct. 22nd and never arrived. Their home is near 56th Street North and Lewis and their car was found abandoned at Mohawk Park.

Glenda (Cookie) Parton was last heard from Oct. 25th. She is Selby’s mom. She disappeared when she came to Turley to look for her son. Her car was found abandoned along Highway 75 near the 56th Street North exit.

Deer hunters found human remains in a field near 61st Street North and Lewis on Sunday. Deputies say animals had scattered the remains, so they weren’t able to identify who the remains belonged to. Deputies say they could belong to any of these 4 missing people, or someone else. Right now, we are waiting on the medical examiner to determine that.

Miller doesn’t appear to know the other three. Deputies say people should not panic or be afraid of the area, but they do want people to be aware of the situation.

If you see any of these missing people or have information, please call deputies at 918-596-COPS or 911. You can also email tips to: