Former Tulsa officer bonds out after he is sentenced on reckless conduct with firearm charges

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts

  • Shannon Kepler sentenced Monday morning
  • Kepler was convicted of reckless conduct with a firearm
  • He was sentenced to two six month terms to serve consecutively, also ordered to pay $500 fee for each conviction and $150 to victim's fund
  • Jury deadlocked on a murder charge against Kepler
  • He's accused of shooting and killing his daughter's boyfriend, Jeremey Lake
  • The Tulsa County DA said he will re-try Kepler on that charge

A former Tulsa police officer convicted of two counts of reckless conduct with a firearm was sentenced Monday morning.

Shannon Kepler was sentenced to two six month sentences to be served consecutively for two misdemeanor charges of reckless conduct with a firearm that a jury convicted him of last week.

A bond hearing is also being held for Kepler on Monday. A mistrial was declared on a murder charge he faced for the shooting death of his daughter's boyfriend. The district attorney said he will re-try Kepler.

The state was asking for a $100,000 fine for each misdemeanor charge. Kepler was ordered to pay $500 fee for each conviction and $150 to be paid to the victim's fund.

The judge ruled that Kepler could post a $100,000 bond, pending the outcome of his appeal. State law allows defendants convicted of certain crimes to post bond while their appeal process is going on.

The state anticipated this move and filed a motion requesting a $100,000 bond be set for both of the misdemeanor counts with the hopes the judge would have approved that amount so Kepler couldn’t afford to bond out.

That high amount is rarely requested for misdemeanor charges.

The judge reduced the amount from $100,000 per count to $50,000 per count. Kepler bonded out later Monday afternoon.

The defense intends on appealing the convictions and seeking a new trial relating to the misdemeanors counts. They claim the court made errors with the jury during the trial process.

Defense attorneys also said they are considering challenging Holme’s pre-trial decision that prevented him from disclosing the alleged evidence of a gun found in an interview room the day after shooting at Tulsa police headquarters that allegedly belonged to Lake.

Kepler's next court date will be on Nov. 28th at 1:30 p.m. for arguments on the motion for a new trial.

His new jury trial is set for Feb. 6th at 9 a.m.


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