Former employees say Stilwell dispatch company hasn’t paid them for weeks

STILWELL, Okla. — A private ambulance dispatch company hasn’t made payroll, according to several former employees who claim they haven’t been paid in weeks.

The company, Got to Go Medical Services (GTG), opened an office in December in Stilwell. Those former employees say the Stilwell office closed in March.

GTG hired about ten employees. The company is based in Fayetteville, Ark. and has an office in Texarkana, too.

Melinda Garrett, a former employee, said many employees stopped getting paid in March and April. Jackie O’Neal also dispatched for GTG. She said when the Stilwell office closed, her and others were assigned to work from home, but dispatch for Fayetteville and Texarkana.

“The last time I was paid was March 12, going on 57 days now,” O’Neal said.

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Another former employee, Taryn Jordan, and Garrett said they both had utilities turned off because no paychecks were coming in to pay their bills.

“I begged for my paycheck. I even [asked] them if they can give me half of it,” Garrett said.

Cindy Halliwill, president of GTG, said in a text message, “I honestly have no idea. I’m working on a loan, but it wasn’t approved as of this minute.” Halliwill sent a follow-up e-mail explaining in March, paramedics and ambulance drivers stopped showing up for work, so with little staff, the Stilwell office had to close.

With the closing, Halliwill added there’s now nearly $1 million dollars in claims toward insurances. In her e-mail she added, “I am with a half million in debt for ambulances, cots, heart monitors, ventilators, fuel, payroll, etc. because I can’t even bill the insurance claims because of the staff! Not me. Not my company, but because of staff. Staff leaving without completing charts and staff leaving the office when they had been told to not leave because we were expecting a Medicare inspection.”

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Halliwill also explained almost having to go bankrupt trying to pay everyone, and closed her Arkansas location due to not being able to pay wages.

Stilwell City Clerk, Larry Nettles, said GTG informed the city that it was discontinuing services with the city, but said he didn’t know why. Stilwell has since hired another ambulance service.

There are no criminal complaints or an investigation into GTG.