Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma mobile pantry

TULSA, Okla. — The Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma said they are providing additional services as emergency SNAP benefits end.

On Friday, FOX23 had a chance to speak with the Food Bank as their mobile pantry was serving meals.

Calvin Moore, President and CEO of Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, said the benefits ending will create a “tremendous” need, with Oklahoma losing out on about $50 million in emergency SNAP benefits.

“On average families have been receiving about $230 per month in additional SNAP benefits, some large families have been receiving up to $600 per month, so you can imagine that if you’ve been receiving that amount of additional money per month, that when it ends, it’s going to feel like a cliff,” he said.

In response to this, the Food Bank is providing additional services to their partner agencies, including emergency food boxes, fresh produce, frozen meals and more.

“This will be our first response, there will be other phases of the response, but this is our first effort out of the gate,” Moore said.

One man said the Food Bank’s mobile pantry was a good idea.

"A good idea for people that can't get around, don't have cars, can't get to the grocery stores, so it’s a good idea for them to come around and see who needs food,” Demarcus Carroll said.

Moore said anyone seeking more information about the Food Bank can visit their website or call 918-585-2800.

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