Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office commends local five-year-old for doing yard work for elderly neighbors

TULSA COUNTY, Okla. — Five-year-old Marty Jo Nichols is from Turley. His friend and next door neighbor, Mike Sovocool, has multiple disabilities.

When he was taken to hospital earlier this year, Marty Jo decided to help by doing all of his yard work. The Tulsa County Sheriffs Office heard about what Marty Jo was doing and gave Marty a $100 gift card as part of their secret Santa’s gift giving.

One Deputy, Sgt. Earnie Mendenhall, was so impressed with Marty Jo, that he personally bought him a toy motorcycle for Christmas.

He told us Marty Jo is a real inspiration to the community.

What’s even more incredible is that Marty has a disability himself. He has a club foot which he’s had three surgeries on. It’s not stopping him though. He and Mike have big plans to grow a watermelon in the garden next year.