First degree manslaughter charges against Ramon Garcia-Ibarra dismissed

TULSA, Okla. — Charges against one man arrested during an incident that lead to the death of a Tulsa restaurant and nightclub owner have been dismissed, but two others arrested in the case have been bound over for trial.

Friday, at the request of the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office, first degree manslaughter charges were dismissed against Ramon Garcia-Ibarra.

Garcia-Ibarra was charged with having a role in the death of Miami Nights Restaurant and Nightclub owner Frank Valdez who died from cardiac arrest after being assaulted by some people refusing to leave his business during a fight, which he was trying to break up.

Gacria-Ibarra was originally arrested with Tiyon Davis on first degree manslaughter charges for allegedly beating Valdez, but after a preliminary hearing last Friday, Davis is now solely being charged with manslaughter in the incident. Garcia-Ibarra faces no other charges.

The third person arrested in the incident Jose Ledesma-Hernandez is still facing an assault and battery with a deadly weapon charge, but his charge of possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony has been dismissed for a lack of evidence. Ledesma-Hernandez was also bound over for trial after a preliminary hearing on Friday.

Garcia-Ibarra and Ledesma-Hernandez were arrested after they drove the getaway vehicle back to the nightclub to look at the police investigation underway.

Four witnesses were sworn in during a preliminary hearing for the three men on Friday when it was determined charges against Garcia-Ibarra would be dismissed.