First day of legislation in OKC proposes new rules on HIV education

VIDEO: Oklahoma lawmakers meet for first full day of new session

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma lawmakers met Tuesday for their first full day of regular business of 2019.

Tuesday's session allowed the House and Senate Common Education Committees to meet for the first time to focus in on the state's education spending and laws.

Lawmakers in both bodies said education is not a top priority, but it is the top priority for this legislative session.

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The Senate Common Education Committee reviewed Oklahoma's annual spending on public education -- which comes out to $2.2 billion on the legislative end but totals nearly $8 billion in spending from a variety of other sources. Those sources come with specific rules and restrictions on how money can be spent -- such as using property tax funds for building improvements.

The House Common Education Committee passed new rules requiring schools to teach students about HIV, AIDS, and how to avoid transmitting the virus. The new rules also require schools to address rumors and other misinformation about where HIV comes from.

Several lawmakers told FOX23's Rick Maranon this is the first time in years that they are not talking about budget cuts. Many are hopeful to get teachers a bigger salary while addressing class sizes.

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