• Firefighters reunite family with cat who hitched a 100-mile ride to Tulsa


    TULSA, Okla. - Tulsa firefighters have returned a cat to its owner after it hitched a ride in a car for about 100 miles.

    Officials said they were called to rescue a cat, but quickly learned it wasn't "your typical cat stuck in a tree call."

    They believe the cat jumped into the car's undercarriage in Mustang, Oklahoma, and likely road along near the engine. The driver said he heard a noise that he thought was his child's video game, but turned out to be the meowing cat.

    Firefighters made calls to the Mustang area to see if anyone had reported a lost cat and eventually found the family. They drove up to Tulsa Friday to collect the cat, whose name is Snickers.

    FOX23's Mariah Ellis was at the fire station Friday for the reunion:

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