• Fire chief: Someone intentionally set fires across Sand Springs Friday

    By: Cornelius Hocker


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    • Fires burned in Sand Springs Friday.
    • Officials said someone set the fires intentionally.
    • They worry they may not find out who set the fires.

    SAND SPRINGS, Okla. - Someone intentionally set grass fires across Sand Springs Friday, according to fire chief Mike Wood.

    Wood said the chances of finding the person responsible are slim, because investigators do not have much to go on.

    According to Wood, investigators do not know how the suspect set the fires, and he said conflicting reports from witnesses said the perpetrator was either a young or older man, and though all the witnesses agreed the person responsible was on a motorcycle, they could not agree on color, and some said the motorcycle was black, while others said it was red.

    No structures were damaged in the fires, and the highest financial loss consisted of several poles of a transmission line by the river.

     Some hay bales burned in the fires, and a Berryhill truck faced oil pan damage, but officials said they were pretty fortunate that they didn’t lose more equipment or land.

    Officials said that between 530 and 600 acres burned.

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