Federal investigation uncovers multi-million dollar drug ring out of Tulsa auto shops

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • 11 people were arrested during a federal drug bust Thursday.
  • Investigators say they ran a drug organization out of two Tulsa auto shops.

A federal investigation into two local auto shops uncovered a massive drug ring last week.

Federal law enforcement raided the Elite Auto Group in east Tulsa and R&R Auto Group in north Tulsa Thursday, and they say a criminal organization was running millions of dollars in meth and heroin through the businesses.

Documents show 11 people known to call themselves "DTO" are accused of running a $4 million drug business out of the two separate auto shops.

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They face 77 drug-related counts. A federal indictment says they were buying and selling large amounts of drugs.

Police say suspects used code words like "pizza" and "dark" to refer to meth and heroin, respectively. Other code words included "ice cream," "bottle," "work," "paper" and more.

Investigators also say the suspects sold firearms to raise funds to buy illegal drugs, buying four pounds of heroin at the same time.

Investigators say they made a substantial income.

Many of the suspects previously faced drug-related charges.

A federal indictment says the suspects tried to evade the law by constantly changing phones, but investigators were still able to build up quite a bit of evidence against them.

FOX23 found the names of all those suspected in the bust:

  • Raymundo Cano-Flores
  • Victor Bautista
  • Jonathan Jaimes-Gutierrez
  • Rosty Israel Cano-Flores
  • Evelyn Cano
  • Sergio Yovani Lagarde
  • Uriel Torres
  • Pablo Padilla
  • Juan Sanchez
  • German Maldonado
  • Darius Williams

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