FBI bomb technicians tour OKC National Memorial and Museum, take lessons from city’s deadliest day

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — The lessons learned from the Oklahoma City Bombing are still being used across the country today in many fields – including the FBI and its bomb technicians.

A group on Wednesday learned about the agency’s role on April 19, 1995.

The Oklahoma City Bombing was a powerful and emotional day – not just for the state but for the nation. Bomb technicians played a role in that history.

“We wanted to come here to remind our special agent bond technicians why they do their mission,” Bomb Squad Commander Brandon Grant said.

They took in the history of Oklahoma City’s past and the part FBI agents played.

“We were collaborating with all our partners to find them, get the result and make sure the perpetrator of the attack, which they were arrested and convicted and sentenced, was taken into custody in a very fast manner,” he said.

Grant said bomb technicians immediately dispatched to OKC to help identify key pieces of evidence.

For the FBI agents today, they continue to do exercises and projects across the United States.

“More importantly, the training that goes along with that, unfortunately, we had to use that training on April 19, 1995. And then universal training and post-blast to ensure it was done the right way,” Grant said.

So they are hoping to not only continue the FBI’s legacy but Oklahoma City’s legacy with them in the field for their missions.

“It’s stuck in the back of their heads for the rest of their lives like it is mine. When we decided to come here, it’s our 50th anniversary on Friday, we decided to come here because of the history this place has. Unfortunately, it’s a sad history, but it’s a history we can learn from,” Grant said.