FAQs on FOX23's new Severe Weather Team app

FAQs on FOX23's new Severe Weather Team app

FOX23 redesigned our weather app all thanks to your user feedback.

Where is the drop-down menu?

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FOX23 has replaced the drop-down menu with a menu bar across the bottom of your screen. The bar has direct links to the weather information you want and need. It is also is easier to navigate with one hand. Go directly to FOX23 radar, alerts or videos with a single touch.

How do I access hourly forecast?

We provide the hourly forecast for the next 48 hours. Just tap on the day you want to expand the field. Then just scroll down to the hour you want to see.

What alerts are available?

FOX23 now offers more than 100 types of weather alerts as push notifications for free. Among the alerts, you can see and receive push alerts for everything from tornado warnings to winter storm warnings, fog, fire, wind and tropical storm alerts. See a complete list inside the alert settings. You can see and manage the complete list by (a) going into the sidebar menu and tapping on settings, or (b) by tapping on the gear icon on the alert screen.

How do the alerts work?

     This application provides Location-Based Storm Alerts. While many other apps offer alerts based on your county, the FOX23 Weather App supports county-based and a more precise type of alert that is based on a box hand-drawn by the National Weather Service. These are issued for the most dangerous types of weather threats. More precision means you get alerts that matter to you, not false alarms.

How many locations can the weather app track?

FOX23 has expanded the number locations to 10 different cities and towns. You are not limited to one or two locations. All you have to do is add a location by hitting + in the top left corner of the screen.

How precise is the location tracking?

Many users asked how they could add a location that is exactly at their home. Now, you can drop a pin precisely where you want it when adding a location. This could be for a specific address or any position on a map. When saving a location, just press and hold the pin and then drag it to the exact location you want.

What is new on the FOX23 radar?

FOX23 Severe Weather Team's radar has been upgraded with new layers on our maps. A single tap of your finger will add or remove forecast detail. You can layer severe weather watches and warnings, or storm reports and threats of tropical storms. You control what you see on your device.

What else is new?

We have added storm reports that will show you confirmed reports of damage from wind, hail or rain. As a storm approaches, you can find out how strong it will be before it impacts your life.

What makes the FOX23 weather app better than what came preloaded on your device?

FOX23's new weather app is updated and maintained by our team of meteorologists, led by Chief Meteorolgist James Aydelott, not someone thousands of miles away doing a general, regional forecast. The FOX23 Severe Weather Team app’s forecasts have the pinpoint accuracy you have come to depend upon.

I found a bug, what should I do?

If you have discovered a bug in the new FOX23 Severe Weather Team app, click on the plus sign in the top left corner, and select support. Then email the glitch that you find and we'll work on fixing it.

Fox 23 weather app
Fox 23 weather app