Sarah Maguire remembered as “having the biggest heart, who would not stand for injustice”

APACHE, Okla. — The funeral for Tulsa’s first homicide victim of 2022 streamed live on Tuesday, Jan 11 at 2 p.m. The service was held at First Baptist Church Apache, located in Apache. Maguire attended Apache High School, according to her Facebook page.

The speaker described Sarah Maguire as the bravest and most fearless of all her siblings. She was not judgmental of people’s pasts, she had an easy going attitude and she was a fast friend to everyone. She had a creative spirit and a was a country girl at heart. She left behind her dog called “Chandler,” who was her baby. Her mom was her bestfriend and confidant. She will be remembered as having a fiery spirit, who always had a smile on her face. And ultimately she was the champion working for the underdog in need.

The service ended with a moving montage of photos celebrating Maguire throughout her life.

The tragic death of Sarah Maguire and who she was as a person has seemed to touch people not only within the state, but across the nation and the globe.

One comment on a family member’s post on Sarah said, “Sorry for you and your sister. Was here in the newspaper. Germany. Terrible what happened there. A lot of strength in the difficult times.”

Another comment said, “I am so sorry for your loss! She was always a beautiful soul, who was always smiling and laughing. I worked with her at El Chico years ago. She was always very nice girl.”

Even strangers have been moved and have shared their condolences, “I read the story in the Fox news app and was crushed of what I read. I looked you up on Facebook so I could send you my thoughts and prayers to you and your family. I am sorry for your loss.”

On a social media tribute wall, many spoke about how beloved Maguire was to them.

“Sarah you were a absolutely amazing person you always knew when I was having a bad day and you knew just what to say you would always tell me I was doing a amazing job and I would laugh and you would ask why I was laughing you were being serious and I would say because it’s always so random when you tell me I will never forget all the uplifting things you told me and how much you loved talking to my daughter as well rest easy Sarah we love you,” one post read.

Another post written by a family member read, “My earliest memories of my childhood was going to see grandma Wandie and Sarah racing and jumping up and down to get me out of my car seat and carry me around on her hip. And then playing house with me until it would get dark out and everyone had to go home.”

Jamie Maguire, Sarah’s sister expressed her gratitude in a Facebook post, “The entire family sincerely appreciates all your thoughts and prayers, they are the only thing getting us through all of this right now.”