Family waits for trial 6 years after Tulsa County jail death

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Tulsa County Sheriff's Office could return to court over the 2011 death of Elliott Williams.
  • Williams' family said video shows that he was ignored after he was paralyzed.
  • A trial is yet to come due to the number of lawsuits the office already faces.

The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office could return to court.

Elliott Williams died in the Tulsa County Jail in 2011.

Three years ago, video was released of him lying on the cell floor paralyzed, and now, a decision on Williams’ case has yet to come, because of the number of lawsuits the sheriff’s office already faces.

Williams, 37, reportedly lay in his cell for days. Video showed that he was given little attention, despite asking for it, during his final 51 hours.

The medical examiner said he died because his neck was broken.

A complaint filed on behalf of Williams said jail workers did not help him because he thought he was faking.

One of the attorneys working with the Williams family said it is one of the more troubling civil rights violations he has seen.

Both sides are waiting on a judge to rule whether the case will go to trial.

Attorneys said they will likely appeal if the judge rules against a trial.

Tulsa County officials declined to comment on ongoing litigation.