Family of Tulsa girl killed by alleged domestic violence wants legislative change

TULSA, Okla. — The family of a woman and unborn child who died this week after she was allegedly beaten for months wants to see systemic change with how domestic violence is treated.

FOX23 has covered this story extensively this week when Allyssa Fielding's baby died, and then she died on Wednesday.

Homicide detectives said it happened at the hands of Colby Wilson, who already served prison time for hurting Fielding in the past.

Wilson had been released early from prison last year after being convicted of hurting Allyssa. If he hadn’t been able to get out early, her tragic death may not have happened.

"She Would Have Been An Amazing Mom"

FOX23 Reporter Lynn Casey spoke to Fielding’s brother, Corey Fielding, about her and what he thinks could have saved her life.

“I think she would have been an amazing mom. Can’t say as much for the dad, but I think she would have been an amazing mom,” Corey Fielding said.

It’s been painful for Corey to talk about what could have been for his sister, so now he’s trying to pinpoint what went wrong.

"This really could happen to anybody at anytime."

"This really could happen to anybody at anytime." Allyssa Fielding and her unborn child tragically died this week after police say she was viciously beaten by her boyfriend. FOX23 Lynn Casey spoke with Fielding's brother today about his little sister. Watch the interview tonight on FOX23 News at 10. See the original report here:

Posted by FOX23 News on Thursday, April 18, 2019

"How Did This Happen?"

“How did this happen? We did everything right. How do you do 100% of everything right and still lose?” Corey Fielding asked.

Wilson had a five year protective order active against him and he’d been convicted of hurting her before.

“The time that he was in jail, she was doing much better,” Corey Fielding said.

Last July, Wilson was released less than a year into his three-year sentence. Allyssa didn’t survive one year after that.

“She didn’t. Like I said, 14 days after her 21st birthday,” Corey Fielding said.

"Held Captive In Her Apartment"

Detectives said Wilson held her captive in her apartment for months, torturing her, until she lost her unborn child, and then died Wednesday morning.

“Somewhere we have a critical failure that need to be fixed,” Corey Fielding said.

He believes that failure is legislative and at least one Oklahoma representative agrees. There were two bills this session that would have made domestic violence into 85% crimes.

“If you commit a violent crime in the state you’re required to serve 85% of your sentence. And this bill would seek to make domestic violence a violent modifier,” Corey Fielding said.

"If That Was Law Now...Allyssa May Still Be Alive"

If that was law now, Wilson would still be in prison and Alyssa may still be alive. However, neither bill made it through the Legislature this year. Corey said this is just the beginning of his family’s fight.

Watch FOX23 Reporter Sara Hart's tour of the Domestic Violence Intervention Services (DVIS) facility in Tulsa:

“At least they’ll have served a sentence that’s much more commiserate with the kind of misery that they’ve caused others,” Corey Fielding said.

FOX23’s Lynn Casey reached out to the Jefferson County representative who authored those bills to see if he’s heard Allyssa’s story this week and if it’ll inspire him to try to pass the bills again next year. FOX23 is waiting for a response.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, you can reach out to DVIS 24 hours a day by phone at 918-743-5763 or online at

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