Family of 10 loses Bristow home to fire

BRISTOW, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • A Bristow home is a total loss after a weekend fire.
  • The family was out of town and no one was injured.
  • Officials said a malfunctioning air-conditioning unit started the fire.

A Bristow family lost their home Saturday morning to a devastating fire.

Eric and Kamrynn Johnson, along with their eight children, were out of town in Georgia over the holiday weekend for a wrestling tournament three of their sons competed in.

They got the call Saturday morning that the house caught fire and then later reignited. The Johnsons’ neighbors didn’t realize the family was out of town and ran inside the burning home to help them.

The family said they are very grateful to know their neighbors are there to help in an emergency.

Investigators said the fire started in the attic when an air-conditioning unit malfunctioned. The fire spread throughout the home.

The best things they were able to save are a few of the kids’ wrestling medals.

They are staying with family in Okmulgee while looking for a place to rebuild their life.

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