• Family, investigators fear death, trafficking after Pittsburg County woman's disappearance

    By: Katie Higgins


    PITTSBURG COUNTY, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Donella Zukosky has been missing since Oct. 19.
    • Investigators are working to find where she went.
    • Her family fears she may be in danger.


    Police and deputies are searching for a missing woman, and her family is afraid she could be in danger.

    Donella Zukosky, 25, has been missing since Oct. 19. Family and investigators both say they are worried about her well-being.

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    Zukosky is a mother to two little girls.

    Her father says Zukosky's Facebook has been inactive and her phone has been turned off since he last saw her on Oct. 19.

    He says she has gone dark before for a few days at a time, but never this long. He says she has a history with drug use.

    Family says she has never been gone for 20 days before, and something is not right.

    Haileyville police say they are not ruling anything out. They say she may have been killed or kidnapped by traffickers.

    Zukosky's father says investigators warned him that his daughter may have been seen with people known to traffic people back and forth from Dallas before she disappeared.

    Investigators say that sometimes the smallest tips can make the biggest difference.

    Contact the Haileyville police at (918) 297-3521 or the Pittsburg County Sheriff's Office at (918) 423-5858 if you know anything.


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