Faith leaders, residents come together for prayer vigil against gun violence

TULSA, Okla. — Frustrated Tulsans packed into Morningstar Baptist Church for a prayer vigil against gun violence.

The vigil began by remembering lives recently lost in mass shootings in both Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, New York.

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Morningstar Lead Pastor, Dr. Rodney Goss says the church can’t stay silent while children are repeatedly murdered en mass.

Dr. Goss said, “My heart is just broken at the state of the country that we live in. That only in the United States are we seeing this kind of action take place.”

Kay Malan with Moms Demand Action says it’s not a mental health problem.

Malan said, “To say it’s a mental health issue is nonsense. The problem is that we’ve got too many guns, and we’ve got too easy access to guns.”

Dr. Goss says it’s good to see faith leaders coming together, but adds prayers and vigils aren’t enough to make change happen.

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Goss said, “Change is not going to come in vigils. It’s not going to come in moments of silence. The ballot is where the change comes.”

Malan says people must vote for the change they want to see.

“Vote for lawmakers who take action,” Malan said, “Refuse to vote for lawmakers who will not take action.”

In an earlier press conference Governor Kevin Stitt condemned the school shooting in Uvalde, but when asked about changing laws, he said now’s not the time to talk about it.