• F-15s stop at Tulsa International for mechanical issues

    By: Ashli Lincoln


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Tulsa International Airport took in two F-15s
    • Airport officials said they had mechanical issues
    • At the time, the planes’ origin and destination were unknown 
    • One flight to Houston was closed

    Two fighter jets made an emergency landing Thursday morning at Tulsa International Airport. 

    FOX23's SkyView network captured one plane landing, sparks flying from the tail end. 

    Airport officials confirmed the planes reported mechanical issues, prompting the landings.

    One plane landed well and could taxi off the runway. The other had to use cable arresting systems to come to a complete stop. Crews towed that one away. 

    Some flights were delayed until the jet could be moved. 


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