EPISODE 16: Burger Brothers go to Lot A Burger

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Burger Brother headed to west Tulsa to grab a burger at Lot A Burger
  • The iconic burger restaurant opened in 1951
  • The original location is at 2807 Charles Page Blvd.
  • WATCH the video above to see their full visit. 

Burger Brothers made a stop in west Tulsa to try the burgers at the original Lot A Burger location.

They stopped at the original location, located at 2807 Charles Page Blvd. The restaurant expanded to 12 locations at one point.

FOX23's Ron Terrell, Danny Boy O'Connor and guest Randy Shanofsky got a look inside the kitchen and talked to current owner Johnny Qualls.

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Qualls' mother owned the restaurant before him, he said she worked for the original owner for 41 years and when he was selling it he gave her a chance to buy it. Qualls pretty much grew up in the business.

One secret to the tasty burgers is the original grill, it is about 65 years old, but Qualls said it's "seasoned like nobody's business."