EPISODE 13: Burger Brothers go to Ike's

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Ike's Chili is known for chili, but the Burger Brothers took a taste test of their burgers.
  • Ike's is a Tulsa tradition since 1908. 
  • The Route 66 iconic restaurant is near 11th and Peoria.
  • They celebrate using the same chili recipe celebrities like Will Rogers enjoyed still to this day.
  • WATCH the video above to learn more about the restaurant and their burgers!

The first Ike's Chili opened in downtown Tulsa in 1908.

It's now located near 11th and Peoria on Route 66. The restaurant is most famous for chili and boasts about using the same recipe since it opened.

The Burger Brothers stopped at Ike's to test something other than chili: burgers! Check out the video to learn more about the iconic restaurant.