Emergency Infant Services helping out Tulsa families during formula shortage

TULSA, Okla. — Mothers and families are still scrambling to find formula for their babies.

Empty shelves are what caused moms like Kailey Lemmons to panic when trying to feed her seven-month-old-son.

“I went to 10 or 20 different stores. I was gone for three to four hours trying to find the formula,” she said.

Her son was born premature and because of it, he needed special formula with more calories and vitamin.

She said specialty formulas are the hardest to find right now, and prices are going up.

“I feel like formula shouldn’t be one of those expensive things and there’s some moms out there that can’t get that money or that help to get it and some don’t qualify,” Lemmons said.

Jacky Escobedo, Director of Social Services at Emergency Infant Services, showed FOX23 their closet of formula. She said there’s enough for the end of the month and are still receiving donations to help as many families as they can.

Escobedo said do not water down formula or do a “do it yourself” formula.

If you need assistance, reach out to Emergency Infant Services at 918-582-2469.

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