Police identify man killed in officer-involved shooting in north Tulsa

Tulsa traffic stop turns unto deadly officer-involved shooting


  • Emergency crews responded to the scene of an officer-involved shooting near Harvard and Pine.
  • Police told FOX23 a woman's car broke down on Pine Street. Officers pulled up and the woman said her boyfriend was going to be back soon to help fix it.
  • Officials say the boyfriend came back on a bike and immediately pulled out a gun. At least 3 officers shot him, and he died.
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Authorities are investigating after a deadly officer-involved shooting in north Tulsa.

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Tulsa police say they were helping a woman whose car broke down near Pine and Harvard on Sunday.

Police say the woman told them her boyfriend left on a bike to get tools for the car. She reportedly told them he is wanted and probably wouldn't come back if he knew officers were there.

Police say once the man rode up on a bike, he immediately pulled out a gun. Initial reports indicated the man opened fire, but investigators later said they would need to wait on ballistics testings to confirm.

When the man pulled the gun, police say three officers shot him. It all happened within seconds of his arrival.

Police later identified the man as Luis Manuel Arreguin-Lara.

Authorities say he was wanted for kidnapping, forcible sodomy, and sexual battery.

Officers took the woman back to the station after finding drug paraphernalia in her car, but she was not arrested after questioning.

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