Election results for Tulsa City Council races

TULSA, Okla. — Many eyes are on Oklahoma this Election Day as dozens of candidates are vying for elected positions at the local, state and federal levels. FOX23 has been covering elections across Green Country Tuesday evening.

In the city of Tulsa, the ballot was packed for voters. There were 28 candidates competing for the nine City Council seats.

Only districts two, three and eight were two-candidate races. The most populated race — District Four — does not have an incumbent. Six candidates were vying for the city council seat that covers midtown and downtown Tulsa.

Below are the results for Tulsa’s City Council races.

District One

Incumbent Vanessa Hall-Harper beat out David Harris and Francetta L. Mays to keep her city council seat. Hall-Harper won with 1,944 — 64 percent of the vote.

District One takes up a large portion north Tulsa.

District Two

Incumbent Jeannie Cue won her City Council seat for District 2 Tuesday. She received 72.4 percent of the vote. Aaron I. Bisogno lost to Cue, with 27.56 percent of the vote.

District Two covers west and parts of south Tulsa.

District Three

Incumbent Christa Patrick held on to her City Council seat with 62.67 percent of the vote. She beat Daniel Joseph Grove, who received 37.33 percent of the vote.

District Three covers north and parts of east Tulsa.

District Four

Laura Bellis beat five other opponents with 3,206 votes — 51.12 percent.

Michael Feamster received 25.21 percent of the vote, Bobby Dean Orcutt received 678 percent, Michael Birkes received 7.08 percent and Matthew Fransein received 5.79 percent.

District Nine

Incumbent Jayme Fowler held on to his City Council seat with 3,897 votes — 58.84 percent.

Chad Hotvedt received 22.72 percent and Lee Ann Crosby with 18.44 percent.

FOX23 will continue to cover election results across Green Country. Some city council races have not been called as of 10:30 p.m. Tuesday. Download the FOX23 News App to receive election updates as they happen.