Elderly woman dead after being hit by 17-year-old driver

Elderly woman dies after being hit in store parking lot


Tulsa Police Officers responded to an auto-ped collision at Neighborhood Walmart near 31st and Garnett Road.

Officials say a 17-year-old hit an elderly person walking out of the store. The victim entered the walkway of the parking lot and was hit by the front passenger side of the vehicle and knocked to the ground. The car drove over the victim's leg with front passenger side wheel causing her to fall and hit her head on the asphalt.

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The elderly woman did not have identification on her at the time of the collision.

Tulsa Fire Department and EMSA evaluated the woman and decided to immediately transport her St. John's ER for treatment.

Walmart Loss Prevention gave Tulsa police a description of the vehicle. TPD supervisor called traffic units to be on the look out.  MVD Traffic Unit personnel arrived at the scene.TPD took photos of the scene. TPD personnel went to St. John's ER with the patron.

According to medical personnel at the hospital, the CAT scan showed some swelling in the elderly woman's brain.

Police announced Monday the woman died early that morning.

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