Student residency checks concern some parents

None — A strange person knocks on a Tulsa family’s door, but it’s what he asked that had the parents calling FOX23 News.

He said he was with Union Public Schools and then asked to see if their 12-year-old daughter really lived there. But it was his next question that sent warning bells off in their heads.

“The gentleman says well we are trying to verify addresses and I need to come inside and see her bedroom, and see where she sleeps and see her belongings,” says concerned mother, Kendall Bible.

Bible says the man who showed up at her door had no ID and was wearing dress pants and a nice shirt. But it turns out; he was with the district and had a specific assignment.

“In my opinion there needs to be a better way to handle this instead of some strange man showing up at your door saying I need to see where your child sleeps,” says Bible.

They’re called residency checks and districts like Union are making sure that students who register here actually live here.

If a resource officer shows up to your home, they should be in a uniform, have a proper employee ID clearly displayed, and they will be driving a marked Union security car. Other resource officers include members of the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office.

Union Superintendent, Dr. Cathy Burden says she understands Bible’s concern after we brought it to their attention. They spoke with the employee who admitted that he left his id at work that day.

"I don't blame a parent for being concerned about that so they could always reschedule and we will send someone out with proper identification,” says Burden.

But it’s little comfort for this frightened mother.

"I cannot imagine what would have happened if my 12 year old daughter had answered the door herself and this gentleman had told her I need to see where you sleep and see your belongings,” says Bible.

Resource officers will often ask to see a child’s bedroom to prove the child lives in the home and qualifies to go to that specific school district. Right now, Union is making about 100 checks over the summer before school begins in the fall.

Large districts will often check the homes of student athletes who may have moved into the district just to play sports.