• DVIS offers help to domestic violence victims

    By: Janai Norman


    TULSA, Okla. - Oklahoma has the third-highest rate of men accused of murdering women in the nation.

    In the last four days alone, two Tulsa men have been accused of killing a woman.

    According to a report by the Violence Policy Center, 92 percent of women murdered by men were murdered by a man they knew, and 55 percent of them were wives, girlfriends or exes of their killers.

    “Nobody wants to be first, second or third on a list like that,” said Domestic Violence Intervention Services associate director Donna Mathews.

    Tulsa police said that Joshua Silkey walked into an east Tulsa Papa John’s on Sunday and gunned down Griselda Gallardo. Officials believe Silkey wanted to have a relationship with Gallardo but she rejected him.

    Three days later, police said Erik Williams got into an argument with Christian Shockley before allegedly shooting and killing her. Officers said they found Shockley and Williams had been in a relationship that recently ended.

    “When people end the relationship that is the most dangerous time for them,” Mathews said.

    FOX23 spoke with Mathews about the trend she sees on a daily basis that can escalate to deadly violence and what her office is doing to help.

    “All of the emergency services we offer include emergency shelter where they can go and have a safe place to go,” Mathews said.

    Other services include counseling, legal services, extensive safety planning and more. Mathews said one of the key pieces is spreading the word about the help she said often isn’t heard until it’s needed.

    “Now that these two women have tragically lost their lives, people will be paying more attention hopefully and try to become aware of the fact they can come and get help,” Mathews said.

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