3 years in prison, 2 probation in Owasso teacher's death

Quick Facts:

  • Scott Allan Smith pleaded guilty to manslaughter
  • He rear-ended Bobbi White in May of 2016, killing her
  • The judge sentenced Smith to 3 years in prison, with 2 years of probation

A manslaughter sentencing hearing became a chance to teach local students a few lessons.

FOX23 went to court at TU Friday to hear the sentencing of Scott Allan Smith. He was sentenced to 3 years with an additional 2 years of probation.

Smith pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of Bobbi White. Smith's car hit hers in a construction zone on Highway 169, while he was not paying attention.

Prosecutors hoped the judge might hand down a 5 year sentence for the manslaughter charge.

Judge William Musseman decided to move the sentencing hearing to August 18 at 9:30 a.m.

This move differed from other hearing delays; instead of a sentencing at the Tulsa County Courthouse, Smith learns his sentence at the University of Tulsa's law school.

Each year, the school spends time showing law students how real court proceedings work. Musseman concluded the case held a lot more value than just court proceedings.

"It's important for people to understand the devastating consequences of inattentive driving," Musseman said. "There is value in young people and aspiring lawyers [hearing this case]."

White's mother, Gail Lambert said she was OK with the delay. She told FOX23 she felt the judge did a "good thing".

Lambert started an anti-distracted driving campaign called "Drop It and Drive" to honor her daughter's memory and try to save others. The campaign went global.

Before the sentencing, Lambert shared her thoughts on the sentence prosecutors requested.

“It’s hard situation, someone did not walk up to my daughter and intentionally do this, so I don’t wish harm on anyone else,” Lambert said.

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