Downtown Tulsa decorated with temporary haikus

TULSA, Okla. — To celebrate one year of operation, Downtown Tulsa Partnership is working with Magic City Books to decorate downtown Tulsa.

There are signs posted around the downtown area as part of their temporary Curbside Haiku community art project. The signs are inspired by what community members said they think makes downtown Tulsa vibrant and inclusive.

FOX23 spoke with Morgan Phillips, the director of marketing for Downtown Tulsa Partnership, who said they got the idea from another city.

“We actually based our Curbside Haiku project off of something we had seen another neighborhood do in Washington, D.C.,” Phillips explained. “It’s called Golden Triangle. Our President and CEO Brian Kurtz was familiar with that, and felt that was a great thing to bring to Tulsa.”

She said the Curbside Haikus should stay up for the next month. They’ll be bringing more community engagement projects to the city in the future.