• Dog suffering from excessive heat rescued in Catoosa

    By: Mariah Ellis


    Tulsa, Okla. - QUICK FACTS:

    • A dog named Reggie is recovering after a group effort to help him after excessive heat Wednesday.

    • Catoosa animal control says the dog was found in the Verdigris area- outside of their jurisdiction. They say they normally don’t respond to dogs in the area but say because it was brought to their attention and the dog appeared to be having a heat stroke, they couldn’t turn him away.
    • Animal control officers quickly noticed the signs including heavy panting, hot to the touch, red skin, dark tongue, lethargic and uncoordinated. They rushed him to a veterinarian at the Catoosa Small Animal Hospital where his temperature was 107.7 degrees.
    • They say the issue, Reggie didn’t have an owner. No collar or microchip to identify him and reach out to the family. They decided to move forward and care for the dog anyway. 
    • It took nearly 40 minutes until they were able to finally drop the dog’s temperature to 103 degrees.
    • Doctors say it’s another reminder to make sure your dog is cool with excessive heat this summer and to make sure they have water, shade and shelter.

    • Animal control officers now have the dog and want to find the owner. He will be available for adoption Tuesday if an owner does not come forward.

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