Man reunited with dog lost in stolen truck

TULSA, Okla. — A Tulsa man is reunited with his dog after someone stole the truck it was sitting in on Monday afternoon.

Police said Jeremy Pelletier parked his truck at the Charleston Heights Apartments Monday afternoon and left the engine running because his dog Jack was inside.

When he returned minutes later, the truck was missing, so he called police. A couple of hours later, the victim saw his truck near 129th E. Ave. and called police again.

Officers conducted a traffic stop, arrested the driver Isaiah Gutierrez, and returned the truck to the Pelletier.

However, Jack was nowhere to be found.

JACK IS BACK!!! Jack, the husky who was missing after his owner's truck was stolen, is back with his family! We're so glad! 🐶♥

Posted by FOX23 News on Thursday, September 26, 2019

Pelletier owns a business in which he travels remodeling commercial properties that have been damaged due to fire, water, or other issues. He says Jack has been on the road with him for two years and is like family.

Since then, FOX Reporter Sara Whaley spoke with the suspect accused of stealing the truck. That conversation led to Pelletier and Jack being reunited.

The suspect gave some vague information to indicate Jack was with someone in an apartment complex. After talking to people in the area and showing pictures of Jack, Whaley and Pelletier found the apartment where Jack was.

Pelletier opted not to ask any questions about the people who had Jack. He was glad just to have him back.

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