DOC employee rescues children from burning car

LEXINGTON, Okla. — Ronnie Rollings was home fishing on his Lexington farm and enjoying his day off from the Joseph Harp Corrections Center.

Suddenly, across from the farm pond, a car collided with a utility pole.

“It snapped that telephone pole completely off,” Rollings said.

Except for Rollings and his wife there wasn’t anyone around for miles.

“We immediately jumped into the golf cart and drove down there,” Rollings said. “That’s when the mother was climbing out of the vehicle. My wife asked if anyone else was inside and she said, ‘My babies’. It wasn’t going to be long before that car was engulfed in flames.”

Power lines dangerously sparked in close proximity to the vehicle as Rollings seemed to not give his life a second thought but instead immediately sprung into action climbing into the burning car to save one of the children.

“The youngest one was upside down in a car seat,” the retired firefighter said. “By the time I got that child out and across the street, the car was pretty much engulfed in flames.”

The mother and children only suffered minor bruises and scrapes.

“When I heard the story it really warmed my heart because heroes are everywhere,” Cleveland County Sheriff Chris Amason said. “This good citizen in Cleveland County just minding his own business one day became a hero.”

The DOC employee says he was just doing the right thing and if it had to happen that the crash took place on his day off.

“You help out whoever you can. We are here to take care of each other. We just thank God that we were home that day,” said Rollings.