Despite previous claims, National Transportation Safety Board says 'yes' to school bus seat belts

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • NTSB says children would be safer with seat belts on school buses.
  • This comes after reviewing several deadly bus accidents.
  • Previously, the board recommended compartmentalization instead of seat belts.

The National Transportation Safety Board says your child may be safer buckled up on the school bus.

Last year, a FOX23 Consumer Investigation found that most buses, like those used by Tulsa Public Schools, rely on compartmentalization. The seats are tall, strong and closely spaced, keeping students protected like eggs in a carton.

Now, after reviewing several deadly bus accidents, the board says compartmentalization is not enough for side impact crashes or high speed rollovers.

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In those instances, the board says seat belts could lessen children's injuries or even save their lives.

They say schools should consider three-point seat belts when purchasing new vehicles to transport their students.

California and New Jersey require new school buses be equipped with the passenger lap and shoulder belts.


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