A desire for diversity in Santa sightings in Oklahoma

A professional “Santa” in Tulsa is trying to increase diversity this Christmas. Let’s call him Kris Kringle.

Kringle said there should be more minorities playing “Santa” and he is trying to encourage others from different races to embody this legendary character.

He has only met one professional black Santa in Oklahoma and would love their to me more.

“I really haven’t run into any Asian Santa’s. I would love to see an Asian Santa,” said Kringle.

Things are slowly changing. A Native American Santa made an appearance at Oklahoma’s First Americans Museum last week. And more and more we are seeing culturally diverse Christmas ornaments in shops now.

Kringle said he believes it’s important for Children to see a Santa that represents them.

“Its critically important that when these children of diversity go to see Santa Claus, go to see their hero for Christmas, that they be who they see in the mirror so that they know what they might be able to aspire to,” Kringle expressed.