• Deputies rescue bat stuck in Tulsa county courthouse

    By: Mariah Ellis



    • Tulsa County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a not-so-typical situation after finding a bat at the Tulsa County Courthouse.
    • Deputies say they found the baby bat near the entrance and noticed it was unable to fly during a perimeter check. After taking measures to get the small bat inside a box, they were able to contact a local bat rescue group who will take care of the small animal.
    • Officials say the brown bat was actually an endangered species.
    • The Sheriff's Office says this isn't the first time they have had to respond to a situation involving a bat at the courthouse. Earlier in the year, deputies helped catch a bat flying throughout the building after it gave quite a few people a scare.
    • Deputy Justin Green laughed and said it's a bit of a coincidence because some of their deputies are fans of the superhero, Batman. In fact, Deputy Duncan, who helped rescue the bat Friday, has a Batman tattoo- it only seemed fitting to have their deputy respond.

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