• OSBI asked to investigate Wagoner County deputy-involved shooting


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    • Deputies allegedly shot and killed a man in Wagoner County during a seven-hour standoff after he reportedly came outside holding a rifle.
    • OSBI has joined the investigation into the incident.
    • The two deputies who fired their weapons were identified as Lt. Kyle Johnson and James Burk.

    WAGONER COUNTY, Okla. - A man is dead after a standoff in Wagoner County.

    The seven-hour standoff took place near the Fair Oaks area at 289th East Avenue and Admiral.

    Deputies arrived to a shots-fired call at a travel trailer around 5 p.m. Saturday. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol's tactical unit were later called to the scene to assist.

    Law enforcement reportedly tried to talk the man into coming outside. He fired shots through the walls.

    Officials said the man then came out holding a rifle and deputies fired shots at him. The suspect died during the night.

    According to the sheriff's office, two deputies were determined to have fired their weapons: Lt. Kyle Johnson, a seven-year veteran who received his CLEET certification in 2013, and James Burk, CLEET certified in 2000 and hired last November.

    The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is assisting in the investigation.

     “At this point, it appears the deputies did what they had to do to protect the public and themselves,” said Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott. “But this department vows transparency in all we do, so I want the OSBI to independently examine everything that led up to this traumatic event.” Sheriff Chris Elliott stated "that due to actions of his deputies no residents of the trailer park were injured by the suspect's actions."  

    Both deputies were placed on paid administrative leave. The name of the suspect has not been released.

    Officials ask that anyone who knows the suspect and "has pertinent information about events that led up to the shooting" call the sheriff's office at 918-485-3124.

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