Video evidence clears two people after deadly stabbing at Rogers County rodeo event

INOLA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • The Rogers County Sheriff's Office is investigating a stabbing near Inola.
  • Deputies are on the scene at the Riverbend Arena where a rodeo was underway.
  • One victim died at the scene, he was identified as Fabian Perez, 24; another was hurt
  • At least three people were arrested
  • Two people were arrested because of video evidence.
  • A FOX23 reporter is on the way there now to learn more.
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The Rogers County Sheriff's Office opened a murder investigation Sunday night after a stabbing near Inola.

Deputies responded to the Riverbend Arena around 9 p.m. for a reported stabbing. They say a fight broke out inside the arena before two people were stabbed.

FOX23 learned Fabian Perez, 24, was on a horse in a back area for rodeo participants when a fight broke out.




Perez died at the scene; a second person was hurt.

A blockade allowed investigators to make contact with everyone who was at the rodeo; despite a language barrier on the scene, officers arrested three people and took a fourth person into custody.

The three people arrested faced murder and felony assault complaints.

They were later identified as Margaritio Escarino, Rosales Cruz-Escarino and Hipolito Pina. Officials said video evidence cleared two people, as it showed just one suspect stabbing Perez. Cruz-Escarino and Hipolito Pina were cleared.

A fourth person is in custody; deputies have not said if that person will be arrested.


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