• Delay in decision to overturn 1991 murder conviction in Tulsa

    By: Preston Jones , Ryan Love


    TULSA, Okla. -  A man is on the brink of freedom after serving time for a crime he says he did not commit.

    Corey Atchison has been in prison since 1991 when he was convicted in the murder of James Warren Lane. He was sentenced to life in prison but always maintained his innocence.

    Atchison's attorneys say he was convicted on testimony from a single witness.

    That witness recently came forward saying he was coerced by police into testifying against Atchison.

    Attorneys also argue that two other teens testified saying police and Tim Harris -- a former prosecutor and District Attorney -- coerced them into falsely testifying.

    Judge Sharon Holmes delayed the decision on whether or not to overturn Atchison's conviction Tuesday until July 16 -- citing her recent medical leave.

    FOX23's Preston Jones spoke with Atchison's brother, Malcolm Scott, who was convicted in a separate murder case in 1994 along with Demarchoe Carpenter:

    Scott and Carpenter's convictions were vacated in 2016 over similar accusations of coercion.

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