• 'Deaf Child Area': Road sign sparks conversation in Bixby neighborhood

    By: Hector Mejia


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    • "Deaf Child Area" signs are meant to make drivers aware of hearing-impaired children in the area.
    • A Bixby mother requested a sign recently for her son with progressive hearing loss.

    BIXBY, Okla. - Roads signs meant to alert drivers to children with hearing disabilities are grabbing attention in Bixby.

    The signs are also up in some Tulsa neighborhoods too and are meant to make drivers aware that children in the area may not hear approaching cars.

    One Bixby neighbor, April King, told FOX23 that seeing the signs helps put her at ease. They helped spark a conversation in her neighborhood about whether her own son may hear a car's honk.

    The Bixby signs reads "Deaf Child Area" and was put up recently for 6-year-old Mason King. He's in the first grade now and walks home from the bus stop every day.

    "When he's outside playing, he may not hear that car coming or he may not hear over the wind blowing," April King said.

    She said that Mason has progressive hearing loss.

    "Which means he's going to lose it eventually," she said.

    Bixby city officials said they've received about six requests for the signs and they have to be specially made by the streets department.

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