• David Boren resigns, releases statement, terminating Presidential Transition Agreement

    By: Chrishayla Smith



    “We have worked very hard to bring to a close the Title IX issue between David Boren and the University of Oklahoma while respecting those individuals involved who desire to maintain their privacy,” commented Leslie Rainbolt-Forbes, M.D., Chairman of the OU Board of Regents. “David Boren no longer has any relationship going forward with the University as a result of his resignation. The decision to accept his resignation terminates the Presidential Transition Agreement and brings this matter to a close. The University will now focus its energy and resources on strategic initiatives important to our community.”


    Rainbolt-Forbes continued, “We are mindful of the OSBI investigation and will be watchful as to the determination of the grand jury.”

    Boren released the following statement Thursday afternoon:

     “I deeply love the University of Oklahoma. The over 24 years I served at the University were the most rewarding years of my life. I will always be a supporter of the University and care about the university family.

    Last year, I came under a personal attack that was so vicious and relentless that it defied my comprehension. As I wrote to the Regents, I felt that it was best to resolve this matter rather than continue a battle which was damaging lives and the University itself. While I was tempted to pursue a continued battle to protect my reputation and demonstrate that I was innocent of any wrongdoing, I felt it was best for the University and all concerned for me to suggest a resolution
    to end this divisive and unfair controversy.

    I have only the best wishes for the University going forward.”

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