Daughters of Broken Arrow man say he has been missing for more than a week

“Just bring him back if you have him...”

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — 86-year-old Robert Mundine has been missing since Aug. 30.

The Broken Arrow Police Department says they believe Mundine may have been picked up by a passing vehicle around 2:45 p.m. around East Omaha Street and County Line Row in Broken Arrow. A silver alert was issued the same day.

His daughters, Glenda Hardeman and Winona Holdman say it was actually the second time that day their father had left his apartment. That time he was picked up by a woman and taken to the BA Fire Station 7 a little after 1 p.m.

Police say they are looking for that woman, hoping she can detail where she found him the first time he walked off on his own before eventually wondering off around an hour later.

“That information could be helpful to this investigation to determine where he may have gone the second time,” Ethan Hutchins with BAPD explained.

His family says they have been out looking for him every day since.

“Everyday, I’m afraid. Lots of fear... that he’s without medication all this time and he’s possibly hurt, can’t let anybody know that’s he’s hurt. Just mostly fear,” Winona says.

After eight days of searching, they say they just want to hear from their father again.

“Just take him to a hospital or a police station or anything, just get him back so we can get him back safe. That’s all we want,” Glenda says.

Mundine was last seen in a grey t-shirt and black pajama pants. BAPD asks if anyone saw or had contact with Mr. Mundine to call (918) 259-8400 and reference case number 22-5991.