• Oklahoma town abolishes dancing ban

    By: Cailey Dougherty


    HENRYETTA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • A Henryetta business owner had to cancel an event due to a dancing ban.
    • The ban has been on the books since 1977.
    • It prohibits dancing within 500 feet of schools and churches.
    • City officials abolished the ban Tuesday
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    An old law that left folks feeling 'Footloose' in Green Country is set to be abolished.

    City officials in Henryetta abolished strict rules on dancing Tuesday after organizers had to cancel a Valentine's Day dance.

    They say the law was overlooked for the past 50 years, but it was illegal to dance in some parts of the city.

    Two store owners said they wanted to raise money for renovations at their store with a special event above their downtown business.

    When they began advertising their dance, though, they hit a roadblock, and people began accusing them of breaking the law.

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    It turns out, a 1977 city ordinance prohibited public dances within 500 feet of a school or a church.

    The ordinance caused the cancelation of the store owners' event, but now work is underway to abolish the dancing ban.

    Many say they will be dancing in the streets now that the ban is abolished.

    The council voted to abolish the ban at a council meeting scheduled for Feb. 21. 

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