Cushing Braum’s shows off 31-scoop ice cream cone

CUSHING, Okla. — For those days when you just can’t decide...

A video out of Cushing, Okla. is getting a lot of eyes on it after employees at a Braum’s took the careful steps to get all 31 flavors offered at their location onto one waffle cone.

You can see it was a group effort with different employees adding a new scoop and lots of laughs and words of encouragement.

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Jennifer Quinn, who shot the video, says she was just a customer curios to see what all the fun was about.

“They are all superstars in my book,” she said. “I would like to see them try for a world record.”

The menu only prices up to a triple scoop, but at the same price rate this cone would have costs around $31.99 before tax.

While all of this is impressive, 31 scoops doesn’t set a record. Guinness World Records shows a record of 125 scoops balanced on a cone in Italy in 2018.