• Critics cry foul after more than $1 billion in AIDS drug funding goes toward abstinence programs


    WASHINGTON, D.C. - Quick facts:

    • PEPFAR spent more than $1 billion on abstinence programs in Africa.
    • The program created under George W. Bush is designed to provide AIDS drugs.
    • Critics said that money spent on abstinence programs could be better spent on life-saving drugs.


    Critics are crying foul after they found more than $1 billion in AIDS drug funding is going toward abstinence education.

    A program designed to provide life-saving AIDS drugs to Africa also spends millions on controversial abstinence programs.

    PEPFAR was created under George W. Bush.

    It is credited with saving millions of lives by providing patients with HIV and AIDS drugs.

    Some say the program is wasting millions, though, after they found more than $1 billion was also budgeted in the past 10 years for abstinence programs.

    Critics said that money could be better spent elsewhere.

    "Put the money to areas that are working and will continue to do what the program was designed to do," said Tom Schatz with Citizens Against Government Waste.

    Supporters of abstinence education said it is a critical part of the prevention side of PEPFAR's mission.


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