Power drop caused Silver Bullet to strand people in Oklahoma City

Eight people became stuck on the ride Wednesday.

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Department of Labor says a power drop caused the Silver Bullet ride to stop on Wednesday
  • Eight people were stuck when the ride stalled
  • Firefighters rescued them.
  • The ride was closed until officials foundwhat caused it to stall.
  • FOX23 got Department of Labor records that show the ride passed inspection in April 2016

The Silver Bullet at Frontier City in Oklahoma City stalled and trapped eight people earlier this week due to a momentary power drop that caused a sensor to trigger safety measures.

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The safety mechanism shuts down the ride if a sensor is triggered. Oklahoma City firefighters rescued 8 people stranded 100 feet in the air on the ride June 29.

FOX23 got records from the Department of Labor that show the ride passed inspection in April 2016 with a note that said 'adjust brakes as needed.

A reinspection after the incident showed the ride passed all safety aspects. DOL recommended as a preventative measure maintenance personnel will get safe re-start training and a written copy of those procedures will be placed at the ride's controller station.

Oklahoma City fire officials rescued the people using harnesses and stairs on the track. The ride stopped 100 feet in the air with one adult and 7 children on board. 

The OKC fire department posted about the situation on Twitter.

No one was injured.

Frontier City released a statement after the incident. They said the back half of the cars were able to be evacuated by park personnel, but the fire department was needed to evacuate the front cars.

They said a thorough investigation will take place after each of the guests are evacuated.

The Oklahoma Labor Department is required by law to inspect roller coasters before the season opening of any ride.

Officials confirmed the ride will be closed until they can determine why it became stuck.