• Creek County Police Department looks for leads in stolen cars case

    By: Jacinda Alexander , Sharon Phillips


    CREEK COUNTY, Okla. - Quick facts

    • The Creek County Sheriff’s Office work with numerous police agencies in recovering at least 10 to 15 stolen cars.
    • Police departments in Oilton, Drumright and Bristow all reported stolen cars.
    • Creek County Chief Deputy, Fred Clark said the thieves use multiple methods in stealing the cars, like hot-wiring or driving off with them if the owner left the keys in the car.
    • The Oilton police chief reported one stolen car so far.
    • Drumright police tell FOX23 they’ve reported at least four stolen cars, two which were found in Lincoln County and set on fire.
    • Both police and deputies say the thieves not only steal the cars, but also the items left inside of them.
    • The agencies believe multiple suspects are involved with this car stealing ring.
    • While police have two suspects of interest in this case, no arrests have been made.

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